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For Builders / Developers

Permafinish® Doors are the preferred choice of Builders & Developers who look for premium quality products for their demanding users. Permafinish® Doors have been supplied to prestigious Developers across Mumbai because they add lifetime value. We have supplied large quantities to township projects within demanding schedules. We have developed new customized designs for these large-scale projects however this requires a time period of two months. 

A number of our clients are now using Permafinish® Doors not just in their toilet blocks but also for their entire apartments including Entrance doors. This trend among Developers is due to the lack of good quality of wooden flush doors; need for maintenance; hassles in polishing and inconsistency in veneers used in flush doors.

Permafinish® Doors are a distinct differentiator in your project and make perfect business sense for you!

Permafinish® Doors are manufactured by Advance FRP, which is the pioneer in the field of FRP doors. It has developed a number of products for the construction industry by R & D using its extensive experience of the last twenty years. Its products command a premium due to their consistent quality and innovations.

Our doors are available in a number of different designs, finishes & price points to suit your project requirement.

For Architects

Aesthetic beauty together with durability is what makes Permafinish® Doors the ideal option for discerning architects & consultants across the country.

For project requirements, Advance FRP can create designs and patterns according to your requirements such that they blend in with your designs. Our expertise in mould-making allows us to match any design and shape. These designs however involve manufacture of moulds, which is feasible only in bulk quantities.

Advance FRP has worked with clients in large township projects to create unique designs exclusively for them. However this requires a time period of up to two months to create an aesthetic & commercially viable design.

For Contractors

Over the last 25 years Advance FRP has worked with leading contractors across the country.

Advance FRP is approved by various government bodies such as PWD, CPWD, MHADA, MMRDA, BARC, MCGM, RBI, MTNL etc.

Being India's largest & oldest manufacturer of FRP doors, Advance FRP has consistently supplied large quantities of FRP shutters to government & private projects across the country.

One of our largest manufacturing facilities is located on the outskirts of Mumbai where up to 120 shutters can be manufactured daily.


Our largest project order so far has been for a mass housing scheme in Kharghar where we worked with one of India’s largest contractors to supply them 12,000 frames & shutters in a period of 14 months.

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