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Classic Series

The Classic Series Permafinish Doors are our standard doors which have been our hallmark for the past three decades. These doors have withstood the test of time and have established our reputation as the leading manufacturers of FRP Doors in India.

These shutters are available in Veneer and Gelcoat finish and are multifunctional. These doors are widely used for wet areas such as toilets, bathrooms, shower rooms, terrace as well as internal doors and entry doors.

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Entranza Series

This Exclusive series of FRP Shutters is breathtakingly beautiful and makes a distinctive statement about your abode. These Veneer finish doors offer you the grandeur and strength of timber together with the durability of FRP.

Entranza ® doors are created with great attention to detail, right from its one-piece high grade FRP mold to its detailed profile. Entranza doors also offer Two-Tone finish combining two different FRP tissues for a truly entrancing look.

Click here for the Certificate of Registration of Entranza Trademark

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FRP Pergolas

Wood finish pergolas are constructed from specialized quality raw materials for external applications. They can withstand severe weather conditions. Easy to installed, they are custom-designed for each project. FRP Pergolas can also act as structural members.

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