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  • What are the salient features of Permafinish® doors?
    Permafinish® Doors are made from composites i.e. Fibre Reinforced Polyester (F.R.P.) These doors are totally waterproof, weatherproof and have a finish which does not require any maintenance.
  • Is it possible to alter/trim these doors?
    Our Classic series and Entranza™ series doors are made to exact size and cannot be altered in dimension. Thus these doors require exact sizes to be given at the time of booking of order. We have recently introduced a revolutionary new series of doors, which can be altered in width and height within specific limits. These doors known as Freedom series doors are ideal for projects where exact measurements may not be available. Freedom series doors are currently available only for select clients and are not available in retail.
  • What is the procedure to place an order?
    You can place an order either at our showroom at Vile-Parle, or at any of our dealers across Mumbai. At the time of placing order you need to give us the exact sizes of the door opening and decide the shade and design of the door. You may also give us a sample of the lock that you wish to fit in the door. We can make a hole (khhacha) of the appropriate dimension. Since our doors are fully custom-made, we take full payment for the order at the time of booking.
  • Can Permafinish® doors be painted or polished over?
    Although it is possible to repaint our shutters, we cannot guarantee the finish and surface of the shutter once it is treated. It is also necessary to prepare the surface of the shutter before such treatment.
  • Are the doors available in fixed sizes?
    Our doors are made according to the orders placed. There is no standard size. We can manufacture shutters from 24" to 37" in width and 72" to 84" in height.
  • How do these doors compare with PVC/ Bakelite/ Flush doors (with marine ply)?
    PVC and Bakelite shutters use aluminium sections into which PVC/ Bakelite panels are fitted. These look like partitions and are very flimsy. Flush doors including those made from marine ply cannot withstand constant contact with water and rot at the bottom and edges. Our doors are as sturdy as conventional wooden panel doors however they have a permanent finish and are totally termite and borer proof. They are also totally waterproof and weatherproof.
  • What is the thickness of Permafinish® shutters?
    Our shutters are available in a thickness of 35mm in Classic series. In our Entranza™ series, 35, 40 and 45 mm thickness is available.
  • What sort of frames do these doors require? Can they be fixed in our existing frames? Do you also manufacture Frames?
    Our shutters can be fixed in any frame viz. stone, concrete, wood etc. We also manufacture FRP frames, which can be made in the same colour and finish as the shutters. These frames also exhibit the same properties as our FRP doors and have similar construction.
  • How much time is required to manufacture and deliver these doors after placing an order?
    Our doors are custom-made to exact sizes after placing the order. As a result these doors require about 8 to 10 days for delivery. Please note that this time period is indicative and may vary according to orders on hand. For project requirements, 15 to 20 days are required for delivery of first lot.
  • Where can these doors be used? Are they suitable for use as main / entry doors?
    Our company offers total door solutions. Our door shutters and frames can be used as main doors, safety doors, internal doors, balcony/ terrace doors. These are the IDEAL CHOICE for toilet and bathroom doors. Our main door and safety door shutters are comparable in strength to wooden flush doors of the same thickness.
  • What sort of maintenance do these doors require?
    One of the key advantages of using our doors is that they are totally maintenance free and come with a lifetime guarantee. This guarantee covers the water, termite, borer and white ant proof qualities of the door and also its finish, which will not fade or discolour due to environmental factors. The guarantee does not cover any intentional physical abuse to the shutter.
  • What other products do you manufacture?
    Apart from FRP shutters and frames, we also manufacture products like security cabins, chhajjas, skylights, domes etc. We also make customized moulded products in quantities. However our core thrust area is FRP shutters and frames.
  • How are these shutters to be fixed? Does it require specially trained carpenter to fit them?
    These shutters are made to size and do not require any trimming. The fitting of these shutters can be done by any trained carpenter who fits conventional wooden doors. The fitting of these FRP shutters does not require any additional tools or training.
  • What does FRP stand for?
    FRP stands for Fibre Reinforced Polyester/Polymer. The fibres used for reinforcement are glass fibres. This material is also known as GRP- Glass Reinforced Polyester.
  • Do you also supply shutters in small quantities to individual buyers?
    We do supply shutters to individual buyers. We have a showroom at Vile-Parle where you can place orders. We also have dealers across Mumbai, Navi Mumbai and Thane.
  • Do you have any dealers in and around Mumbai?
    Our Dealers are located at locations across Mumbai, Thane and in Navi Mumbai.
  • Are your doors certified or tested?
    Our doors are certified as per IS 4020. This is a performance test of the shutter and is carried out by testing laboratories as per client requirement.
  • Is it possible to custom-make designs according to our requirements?
    Our shutters are manufactured in specialized composite moulds. Hence a minimum commercially viable quantity is required for customization of designs.
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