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For Home Owners

Permafinish Doors are totally maintenance free because they have a permanent finish which does not require any maintenance. Permafinish doors are completely waterproof & immune to termites, borers and other pests.

Permafinish doors are available in two finishes- Gelcoat & Veneer finish. The Gelcoat finish gives you a permanent single finish imparted using specially formulated resins & UV stabilized pigments. The veneer finish achieved using printed FRP tissue replicates the majestic look of polished wood veneer yet requires no polishing or maintenance.

You can place orders at our office in Vile Parle, our factory in Vasai or with our dealers. The doors are custom-made to your size, design & finish and require at least 8-10 days for delivery.

We do not accept orders over phone. Contact our office for details.

For more details about ordering, please click here.

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